Jeff's first page!

Here is Martin Newell's famous teapot. (Rendered by Jeff Stetekluh.)

The hidden line algorithm I used is based on Galimberti and Montanari's article,
"An Algorithm for Hidden Line Elimination"
published in "Communications of the ACM" April, 1969.

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Jeff is a fan of Carl Barks, creator of Scrooge McDuck.

Carl BarksScrooge McDuck

Jeff is a fan of Studio Ghibli.

Jeff bicycled the TransAmerica Trail. Here is the TransAmerica Trail in map, Open Street Map and text form.
View the TransAmerica Trail States in more detail.

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Here is a link to Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars in English!

Discover Jeff's algorithm for combining the terms of the Newton form of the interpolating polynomial so as to find the coefficients of the polynomial.

View Jeff's notes on the cubic formula, C language functions implementing it and Bombelli's example.

View some Scalable Vector Graphics images created by Jeff.

View Martin Minow's C Style Sheet converted to HTML from a Runoff file.

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